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Reputation Monitoring

  • What’s Your Plan When You Get Punched in The Face?

    [easy-tweet tweet=”If you make bacon, you are having a really shitty week.” user=”darrenslaughtr” usehashtags=”no”] If you make hotdogs, you are feeling the heat, not from the grill, from the WHO. My question to you is, what’s your plan when something punches you in the face? Have a plan BEFORE you need it!

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  • What Good is a Great Website if Your Reputation is Shot?

    Congratulations, your contracting company keeps getting bigger and bigger every month. By now, you’ve added about 30,000 people to your company’s staff and you probably don’t even know who they are. Before you go wandering the halls or turning over seat cushions looking for these 30,000 staffers, I will give you a hint as to…

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  • Reputation Management or Why Google is Like David Letterman

    It’s one thing to make sure your company can be found online for the primary keywords you want to be found for, it’s entirely another to see what the search results are when you Google your company name.

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