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The Cheapest Video Website Review You Will Ever Find!

new year 2014

We are just a few weeks away from a brand new, shiny 2014, so full of promise and opportunity. So much opportunity in fact, that I am proud to announce we have unveiled our (I say our because there are 5 of us working for you) social media agency called SlaughterMedia, and as always, we are exclusive to contractors.

SlaughterMedia only does three things for contractors:

  1. Social media management
  2. Responsive website design
  3. Content Marketing (blogging)

You can get any (or all three) as part of our turnkey, all-in-one membership solution for busy contractors starting at just $99 a month. I am not going to hype the new biz right now but you can get a jump on your competition if you want and visit http://slaughtermedia.com.

Instead, I want to talk about something else-Your website

Here’s the deal, EVERY contractor I know can benefit from social media, but there is no point in starting a social media campaign if your website stinks, and that’s the rub.

If you are planning on starting a social media campaign this year (or have us do it for you), you want to make sure your website is in tip-top shape first.

Which leads me to this…

The response so far for our social media membership product has been great, better than I expected in fact, but a lot of the websites we look at need some help. They just won’t convert.

So, here’s what we are gonna do!

Before you post one picture to Facebook, send even your first tweet on Twitter, I want to look at your site for you. In fact, I am going to do a video screen capture of me using the site as a client or customer would and send it to you to make the needed changes BEFORE you go social.

What you get and how much does it cost…

This one is a no brainer…you will get a 10-15 minute video of me using your site exactly like your best customer would (with commentary on what to fix) for just $19 bucks. That’s a steal. Seriously.

If you think your website could use a $19 dollar spit shine from a guy who builds, reviews or looks at hundreds of contractor websites a year, then click the link below and let me get to work. Include your URL in the notes section and I will get your review back to you in a few days. Then you can get to work on your site before the New Year!

Get your $19 usability video by clicking here now. I’m only going to do 20 this week, then it’s gone. You will have your very own site usability video sent to you by the middle of the week.

2 responses to “The Cheapest Video Website Review You Will Ever Find!”

  1. James Dowd Avatar
    James Dowd

    I look forward to you review!

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Jim!