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Construction Website Tips: Make Each Page of Your Site Obvious

Each page of your site has one objective, to sell the reader on moving through to the next page. But each page also has to sell itself. I don’t mean a product or service either. Your contact page certainly isn’t going to sell someone, it is a functional page. But it still has to be obvious that it is a contact page.

So how do you make it obvious?

It is easy to create clutter on a website. It is VERY HARD to make a site with clean lines and useful information but doing so will help your reader understand what the page’s job is. If it is to sell a certain aspect of your business, great, make it obvious. If it is your testimonials page, great, make it obvious.

Point is, don’t junk up your site with stuff that doesn’t move the sales process along. That means pointless navigation that leads nowhere and linking back to pages that people already read.

Hope that helps!