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Construction Websites & PPC Advertising: What 50% of Your Visitors Don’t Know!

Marketing isn’t marketing if the people you are marketing to don’t know it’s marketing…Let me explain. According to a research study by Survey Monkey, 50% of the ads clicked on are clicked by people who DON’T KNOW THEY ARE ADS.

So I ask you this, do you care how someone finds themselves on your website? I mean, a contractor’s website is supposed to convert traffic, so why spend months or years trying to rank on page one organically when you can be there in 10 minutes with a PPC campaign?

I don’t care how a lead gets to your site…it’s still a lead!

You should be completely indifferent about how people get to your site. I don’t mean indifferent as in don’t care, but you should have multiple silos of marketing going on that drive traffic to your construction website and PPC should be one of those silos.

If you haven’t spent any time under the hood of a PPC campaign lately, you should really get going because a lot of things have changed and a lot of it is for the good!