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Contractor Marketing: Why Become an Expert in Social Media Marketing? Profits!

When I say become an expert in social media marketing I don’t necessarily mean social media in and of itself. What I mean to say is, you are a business owner who is trying to run a contracting business and you are an expert in your field. Social media marketing is about extolling your wisdom to those who are seeking more information about your industry or company.

Think about it, you are an expert in roofing, there are tens of thousands of people online everyday trying to figure out how to repair or replace their roofs, and some of them may live work or play in your area, and they are looking for an expert just like you!

That’s where social media marketing comes in

For example, let’s say you rent heavy equipment to builders or construction companies. While that plumber is an expert in what he does, he is by no means an expert in renting a backhoe. The home builder may be an expert in framing houses, but he is not an expert in knowing which dump truck he might need to finish his current job. So as you can see, it doesn’t matter what you do, you just have to portray yourself as the expert in your field and be able to relieve someone else’s pain.

The social media aspect of being an expert means being online answering those questions for anyone who asks them regardless of whether or not they can become a customer of yours. Imagine the brand building you can achieve by simply answering a few questions a day posted by other users on twitter or Facebook? If for nothing else, the law of reciprocity will work overtime in your favor and you will start to generate business just by helping others.

Think about it, spending just 10 minutes a day online building your brand has the potential to yield thousands of dollars in new business for your contracting company and you haven’t had to spend a dime. You see, there is more to making an investment in your company than just dollars and cents, especially today when people want to do business with other people and not companies.