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Contractor Marketing Tip: The Only Real Way to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

Given the number of people you can piss off in the marketplace, how are you NOT defending your reputation online? Sure, I happen to have a service to help you protect that reputation, but given the fact that the ONLY THING YOU HAVE that differentiates you from your competition is your reputation, you should be using something a bit more robust than Google Alerts.

Now, I have been asked, “doesn’t Google Alerts cover it all”? And “what does your service offer that I don’t already get for free”?

Well, first of all. I think many of you know I wouldn’t roll out a service that carries a cost if you could get it for free. I mean, I give away 90% of my business for free just to help educate you. But you need to know that Google doesn’t track what is said inside Facebook or even Google+ for that matter. Sometimes Google Alerts reports on Twitter, sometimes it doesn’t, depends on whether or not Google and Twitter are getting along that day.

We (yes, there is more than me doing this) track inside Yelp for you as well. Also forums, blogs, news sites and much more. So THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between Alerts and our service.

Lastly, I am not trying to put the fear of God into anyone. What I am trying to do is convince you to do is this: Use your reputation as your first tool to marketing your business. That is your differentiator in the marketplace, and you are always trying to figure out how to differentiate yourself from your competition right? Well, your reputation does that, but you can’t market what you don’t know.

Want to know more? Click the link below and read up on the program. If it makes sense, I would love to have you. Try it, if you don’t like it or you don’t think you are getting your money’s worth, you can cancel at any time.

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One response to “Contractor Marketing Tip: The Only Real Way to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors”

  1. Standard Building Contract Avatar
    Standard Building Contract

    You are right Darren,

    The only thing that differentiate you from among your competitors is your reputation. However, while playing the game with other experts , you need to think a bit extra and tap the opportunity that the other miss out. Some time even a small factors could give an edge.