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  1. Andy
    June 12, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    Another excellent post. As you say, if you have any sort of company profile online, one day an attack will come, and best to be prepared. Much the same as real life, fess up if you are in the wrong and whatever the case, make sure to try put things right in a timely manner.

    I had a complaint via Twitter claiming that I had not properly prepared one of my kitchen cabinet doors – a couple of panel joints had split literally 1/2″ it was ugly and to the DIY eye, it must have been the painter’s fault, as it was fine before I went in!

    The reality was that I would only ever use a 9% expandable caulk, and in moderation – stable timber cant flex much, and more than 9%, it aint stable timber. I suggested that, of course, I would put the door paintwork right, but the likelihood was that the new door was faulty, considering there was no issue elsewhere in the kitchen. That proved to be the case, the kitchen company dealt with it and all got sorted amicably online. In fact and more work followed..

    Ignoring or getting defensive from the off-go would never have resolved that issue.