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Contractor Web Design-7 Steps to Formatting Web Pages for Better Results

Your website visitors are looking for a logical flow of information about your company, products and services and policies and procedures that’s easy-to-read and makes it easy for them to understand who you are what you do. The following is a quick outline of how to structure each product or service page on your site. It could also be used to format your “about us” page and “company history” page with some minor tweaking.

Keys to contractor web design

1. Your headline — create a solid headline for each page of your site as well as subheads where appropriate

2. Your introduction — this should be the opening statement to the page

3. Facts and figures — this is where you bullet point your product or service with the most compelling benefits and features

4. Why your prospects should listen to you — this is where you tell your story and why you’re the best contractor for the problem. This is where you inject your promise as well as your unique selling proposition (USP).

5. Provide verifiable proof — more facts and figures to back up your claim

6. Remove the no’s — this is where things like your guarantee or warranty, payment plans, Better Business Bureau standing and testimonials remove the reasons most prospects say no.

7. Wrap it up — summarize some key points and give a call to action to get them to move to the next step in the sales process.

This is a solid outline to get you started organizing the way you think about your website. Once you have this nailed down not only will it look good on the page, but it flow and seem effortless and genuine to your readers.