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Contractor Website Alert! Forget Responsive, Your Website Better Be This!

In every proposal we submit, one of the points we make sure to address is the fact that all of our sites are responsive. With the massive use of mobile in today’s world on devices like iPhones, android smartphones, tablets and iPads, you need to make sure your site looks good across all of those platforms.

And while still the majority of websites are not mobile-ready, there is a bigger and scarier problem that goes unchecked everyday! Browser compatibility.

What’s browser compatibility?

Let’s say you designed your site yourself using Chrome. Did you bother to check how it looks in Firefox? Safari? Internet Explorer? Opera?

What about older versions of the same browsers mentioned above? Did you know a lot of companies  still use much older and unstable versions of Internet Explorer?

Well, I don’t just agitate problems here, I help. Below is a link to a website that will show you exactly what your website looks like in every version of every browser you can think of.

Check out your site on http://browsershots.org/