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Contractor Website Tip: 7 Ways To Improve Your Contact Page


Last week I ran an Eagles play on Thursday night so let me do a contact page review promotion so I can fill up my weekend.

Well, the Eagles got their asses handed to them, but I had plenty of people submit their sites for this free review.

For those of you who where too lazy to push the send button or think your contact page is just fine, I am going to help you too. The items below are what constitutes a good contact page on all of your contractor websites today. You can use some of this information or all of it, but the closer you get to what I outline here, the higher your conversion ratio will be and the more money you will make!

So let’s dive in…

A good contact page does more than just provide contact info. I know that sounds a bit counterintuitive, but this is the last stop on your website before someone decides if you are worth doing business with or not.

If they have gotten this far, they have an interest, so now is a great time to give them a few nudges and push them over the edge and MAKE them contract you!

You can do that by:

  • Including a Google map of the address found in your Google Local Places page. This helps associate your site with Google.
  • A final thank you message from you telling your reader you appreciate them stopping by, hoping you were able to answer their questions and if you didn’t, to please reach out to you.
  • Not making your contact form so complicated. Your contact form is a tool to transfer information from them to you, it IS NOT a qualifying sheet. That is what having a conversation with you or your sales team is for.
  • Contractors-Your websites are not qualifiers, leave that to human interaction.
  • Also, make as few things as possible mandatory on your contact form. Again, you just want the basics. So don’t make phone numbers or addresses mandatory. You haven’t earned the trust of the reader just yet, and if your reader is a female, she IS NOT giving you her phone number or address UNTIL she is comfortable with you, and that is going to require a conversation usually.
  • A contact page is a good place to have your affiliations, associations, memberships and awards listed as well, just not linked.
  • An image of you and your team will help create a personal connection people want when deciding who to do business with, so having something here will help with that connection.

Understand that you don’t know the number of times someone has abandoned your contact page. Unlike retail when you see someone leaving without buying, someone abandoning your site just leaves. So creating a highly converting contact page is your goal and I think these tips can really help you add to your bottom line!

Photo Credit: splorp via cc