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Contractor Website Tip: Don’t Offer Incentives Without Building This First…

For a lot of contractors, they know going into each pitch or presentation or estimate that they are going to probably bargain or haggle on price. If you offer discounts or upgrades for free or however you promote your pricing structure, the last place you want to pitch that type of stuff is on your website.

The reason is simple and it is kind of backhanded

Just like you have to earn Mrs. Jones’ trust when coming into her home, you have to earn her trust with any promotions you offer. Just like she isn’t going to believe that you are the world’s best window installer because your content says so, she is also going to have a hard time believing in the $1000 off new windows flashing banner with waving flags on your website is the real deal.

For contractors, your website is about educating, painting a picture and presenting facts. Leave the discounts and the offers for the negotiating table.