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Contractor Website Tips: Give Them Something to Do!

If you think creating good content, having a solid website that looks nice, and a contact page is enough to entice people to contact you…think again. As you have heard me say a thousand times…people are sheep, and they need to be told what to do. So, at the bottom of your great content, give people specific directions as to what you want them to do next…call you…send an email…or stop in. Whatever action you want them to take, tell them.

One response to “Contractor Website Tips: Give Them Something to Do!”

  1. Concrete Pumps Avatar
    Concrete Pumps

    Great post!
    We have just started doing a bit more website content maintenance in the past few months. We have found your info to be spot on. The trouble is, having an arena for visitors to interact or react to your website. That type of page design and space made available to the viewers is a great challenge. Thanks for the tips, great site! Dave