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Contractor Websites That Work Are About Doing Less

Contractor websites: I know a lot of contractors whose websites look like they just didn’t know what else to add to it, so they added whatever they could find.

A supplier logo – a guestbook form – a local weather widget

The key to great website design for contractors that actually works is less. Trust me when I tell you that you can get more done with less than you can with more.

Our entire design philosophy is about getting more out of less…

Getting more visitors, getting more clicks and generating more leads. Now, if you don’t want more leads for your site then pay no attention to the guy above in the video.

If you want your site to actually help you make a living then follow this little bit of advice:

Take a look at your website. Look at every page. Whatever you see on the page that DOESN’T help the selling process…remove it. I promise Mrs. Jones isn’t going to miss the local weather widget on your site when she is trying to decide who to hire to refinish her basement!