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Contractors: Before Adding a Mobile Site Increase Your Responsiveness


If you have asked your resident technology guru if you need a mobile website for your business, he has probably said yes. This is his job, to convince you that you need every aspect of modern technology applied to your business, but he is not necessarily correct. There are many reasons why a responsive website is better for your company than adding a mobile website to your existing online infrastructure.

What is the difference?

The first logical question to this claim is, “What is the difference between a mobile website and a responsive website.” The answer could change how you determine to move forward with your business website.

Mobile Website

A mobile website is a separately designed website that is developed specifically for users on their mobile devices. Depending upon what type of business you are in, mobile users could make up a significant percentage of your customers. If you’re not sure how many of your website visitors are using a mobile device, some research into this is a great first step.

If you have a mobile website, your host server will detect what type of device is pulling up your website and give access to the one that is appropriate: your standard site or your mobile site. This type of design allows you to create a simplified version of your website for effective use on small smartphone screens and other mobile devices. However, this option requires you to maintain both versions of your website.

Responsive Design

If you build a website that utilizes a responsive design, you will only need to maintain one website that is developed to adjust itself to various viewing platforms. This is the most innovative style of web design currently available and enables all clients to access full website information and functionality, regardless of the device that they are using.

The drawback of responsive design is that it requires new web development from the ground up. Rather than adding on a sister site for mobile apps, a responsive design website is new for all users. Once this new and improved site is implemented, you have only the single website to maintain. This type of design typically requires expert programming and a larger budget, but will prepare your business for the future.

Why should I choose responsive design?

Internet users quickly dismiss websites that lack functionality or appear to be out of date. These are some of the key issues with mobile exclusive websites. They are designed specifically to lack functionality and access to information that is available on the full website in order to cater to the mobile experience. With advances in mobile technology, these simplifications are not only largely unnecessary, but they also are a turn off to users who are expecting more.

Responsive design is innovative, and your website visitors will recognize the sophisticated, modern design. Subconsciously, users will find your business more trustworthy and reputable due to your understanding and utilization of the most current technology.
If you are in the process of developing a website for the first time, there is little reason not to choose responsive design. Since you are starting from the beginning anyway, it doesn’t make sense to start out at least a year behind. Put your best virtual foot forward and choose responsive design for your company website.

Most importantly, you want to choose what is going to work best for your customers. Take into account feedback that you receive on your website and consider taking a survey to determine what your mobile website users are looking for. The most important elements in the eyes of your customers should be your top priorities.