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Contractors…and Their Websites, Should Do This to Win

Many contractors think their construction websites are junk drawers where every conceivable business line possible get’s listed. I see sites that are either built DIY or by other companies in this space that will say and do anything on their site to give the impression that they can handle any job.

Recently, I posted a video where I ranted a bit about a site that was built by another company who “says” they only build contractor websites but in reality, they do sites for all companies, and you could tell because they let the contractor in question convince them that it was a good idea to list their primary business line (seal-coating) and a secondary business line (Christmas lights) on the same site.

That is exactly the way to NOT win new business!

If you want to build a reputation in your market as a contractor who does fantastic work, the quickest way to do that, and the way I have grown DarrenSlaughter dot Com over the last 8 years, is by:

Becoming a resource around a topic in a niche…

Instead of going wider: We do this this this this this this this this and this

Do this…

We do this one thing pretty friggin’ great!

Who would you hire?