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Contractors Who Blog Do Better-Our Latest Service Offering

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Today, I am happy to announce a new program offered at Darren’s for busy contractors who want to start blogging but just can’t get it all done in a day. We have blogging rolled into part of our social media memberships, but I had a lot of people interested in a “blogging-only” package, so, we are happy to introduce:

A Blogging Subscription Service for Busy Contractors

Many contractors consider blogging a necessity, but they just can’t figure out how to write it, where to find the time to write it, or what to write about.

You know what the benefits are; solid blog content can help bring in new business over time, it can build your brand and it positions you as the expert. But you just don’t have the time to get it all done…so you don’t bother.

Every contractor, from a small time operator to a 100 truck behemoth should be engaging in blogging as a central part of their overall content marketing strategy. Blogging adds the needed “raw materials” to your website, social media and SEO production floor.

But you don’t have the time…You don’t know how to write…you don’t know what to write about

We can help…

We will write 2-6 posts a month (depending on your package) and deliver them to you to post on your blog. It doesn’t get any easier, you tell us the vertical you are in and we create 250-400 word posts that are timely and focused on helping you talk to your best clients or customers.

Your blog is your brand!

Your blog is your face and the voice of your business and every word needs to be consistent with that message. If you want help building that message, click the link below to read more…

Click here to read what our blog content writing service does for you!