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Why Contractors Need Responsive Websites


Mobile phones have revolutionized our lives. For better or for worse, well that’s another debate. The fact is that these devices have changed so much of our lives in so little time means it is smart for a contractor to adapt his or her business to the new environment if they want to be successful.

A few years back, as a contractor, if your business had a contractor website which even passed for good enough, was good enough. But this has changed over the years due to the sudden rise in development of both desktop and mobile phone users.

Researches show that almost 14.3% of all webpages are viewed on a smartphone, a full 83% of which took place from places like home, office or schools, where a desktop computer was available. Try imagining these numbers a few years from now. With the advent of new and better mobile phones almost every week, these figures are surely to increase.

And you thought having a non-responsive website was…well, just fine!

Keeping these facts in mind, it is only logical to make sure your website is responsive going into 2014. It is one of the keys to building your online presence going into next year. A regular website viewed through a smartphone that isn’t responsive is going to look like crap…very simply put.

A responsive website has many advantages; it not only gives your site a presence on the mobile web, but it also helps you increase your target market and improves your customer’s perception about your business. A responsive website does not only make it easier for you to showcase your products and services to your entire market, but it also encourages your users to share their vital information about your business via social media. This helps your customer know that you, as a brand, are socially active, updated and always on the go.

At the end of the day everything boils down to customer satisfaction and competition. If your customers are not able to access your website from any device they decide to consume your site with, then your competitors are going to enjoy the last laugh.

Sad part is, only14% of ALL businesses, not just home improvement companies, have a responsive website. If you need a responsive site, we can help. Just drop me a line and let’s discuss your situation!

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  1. Patrice Olivier-Wilson Avatar
    Patrice Olivier-Wilson

    I reposted on my blog. You nailed this one.