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Two Reasons Contractors Need Social Media Right Now!

Social media develops trust…trust develops leads, leads turn into new business. That is the result of social media.

The exercise of social is the linking

You know the old linking strategies are dead at best. At worst, companies are being penalized for their linking programs and they don’t even know it.

Social media is the new linking that is just fine with the search engines. In fact, Google+ WANTS you to link from their site to yours in order to build trust.

So now you have two reasons to jump on the social media train…leads and links. They go together with any PROFITABLE construction company.

2 responses to “Two Reasons Contractors Need Social Media Right Now!”

  1. Michael Sparks Avatar
    Michael Sparks

    I see so many companies, that post on social media but are not using links to anything on their websites. Posting interesting things on social media is OK, but unless you are making great content on your personal website, then sharing it on social you are just wasting time.

    Social media should include: personal, professional, and social aspects, using 1/3 1/3 1/3 is a good rule of thumb.

    1. Darren Avatar

      That’s kind of a running theme around here Michael. Everything starts at your own website, everything else is just digital outposts.