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Contractors, Stop Relying On This to Build Your Businesses!

Take Google’s latest fascination with link building as a sign things are only going to get tougher to rank for your primary business lines, which means you have to stop relying on organic traffic.

Think of organic traffic like this…

Treat organic traffic like referrals…sure they are great to get, but you can’t build a business on nothing but referrals…no, you can’t.

You have to still advertise, promote, sell, market and get the word out about what you do everyday.

Too many contractors I know depend…depend on Google traffic to make their months, and that is a bad sign. I want organic traffic to be walk around money for your business, not money earmarked for payroll this coming Friday!

If your site shows up on page 400 for your specific search term, then none of this matters. But your site should be pulling it’s weight and providing you with leads too. If it’s not, then you need to change something…fast.

So be thankful for organic traffic, just don’t rely on it, and don’t build a business around it!