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Contractors: You Are Being Lied To

I got into working with contractors because I “got” their pain. Many contractors I worked with were fantastic at their craft but they didn’t know how to sell, market or promote their businesses.

I, on the other hand, have a mouth that doesn’t shut up but I can’t hang a nail!

I say that because my entire approach to working with contractors was predicated on helping those who couldn’t help themselves.

So it pains me, it honestly pains me and pisses me off when I see people being taken advantage of, and this video is a clear case of a company in my industry taking advantage of people like you.

I think it sucks that people just can’t shoot straight, that they have to lie and cheat and steal from others to get ahead.

But there is a lesson in this video:

Don’t bullshit on your testimonials…No matter how new you are, no matter what others are saying about you, don’t mess with testimonials or reviews. Don’t rip your competition on review sites. Just go out and win the work, because you WILL get found out.

6 responses to “Contractors: You Are Being Lied To”

  1. Shawn Dewbre' Avatar
    Shawn Dewbre’

    I’ve followed Darren for a few years now and although I only work for myself he has given me multiple tips and advice FOR FREE just to help me out.
    I respect and admire him for his passion to his work and loyalty to help out the little guy.
    One of the best things I’ve found to come out of the social media movement is the ability to distinguish with little effort the guys out there who are full of shit and the few who are REAL.
    Darren Slaughter should start some kind of regulatory company that exposes the marketing sharks in the big ocean of the internet and hangs them out to fucking dry.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if contractors had a company to go to like Angie’s List or the dreaded giant Yelp that weeded out the fucking weasels that take our money in the name of legitimate internet marketing?
    Hell Darren you could even call it Slaughter Marketing!!!
    We SLAUGHTER the thieves who claim they will market your website.
    Have a fucking five star system with reviews a And testimonials on their ass!
    The Service Magic of internet marketing.
    Either way your a great guy and I appreciate all of your help.

    Shawn Dewbre

    1. Darren Avatar


      Thank you so much for the kind words and I am very happy you have gotten something out of this all these years! Have a great weekend my man!

  2. Mark Viny Avatar
    Mark Viny

    I agree with everything that Shawn said about some of these Internet
    Marketing assholes. As far as Darren,
    It is amazing how much I have learned
    from all of your available sources at no
    charge. You’re the man!!! Thanks again.

    Mark Viny
    Apollo Builders

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thank you Mark for your kind words! I am happy to help!

  3. Tess Wittler Avatar
    Tess Wittler

    Glad you are talking so freely about this, Darren. It is so true … too many content writers, online marketing consultants and web designers (to name a few) that are willing to take anyone’s money and give them a crap product.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Tess…I think I am going to be getting a lot more mouthy because the crap I am seeing lately is out of control. Contractors are being prayed upon because they don’t know, they don’t have the time or both.