Contractors: You Are Being Lied To

I got into working with contractors because I “got” their pain. Many contractors I worked with were fantastic at their craft but they didn’t know how to sell, market or promote their businesses.

I, on the other hand, have a mouth that doesn’t shut up but I can’t hang a nail!

I say that because my entire approach to working with contractors was predicated on helping those who couldn’t help themselves.

So it pains me, it honestly pains me and pisses me off when I see people being taken advantage of, and this video is a clear case of a company in my industry taking advantage of people like you.

I think it sucks that people just can’t shoot straight, that they have to lie and cheat and steal from others to get ahead.

But there is a lesson in this video:

Don’t bullshit on your testimonials…No matter how new you are, no matter what others are saying about you, don’t mess with testimonials or reviews. Don’t rip your competition on review sites. Just go out and win the work, because you WILL get found out.