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Contractors: Are You Worrying About the Right Things on Your Website?


The importance of conversion is the key goal of any website today. When you set up a website, your main goal is to sell what you are offering. Understand, if your site looks like an online brochure, that isn’t what I mean.

Your website has a lot of heavy listing to do; it has to explain your business, what you do, who you are, where you are and what your policies are.

But there are some things contractors need to bake into their website design that will make selling their services a lot easier. Having a high-conversion website means a lot more opportunities, a lot more leads and a lot more revenue for your company.

If you are looking for that magic bullet to website conversion Nirvana, make sure to include the following when designing your next or first website:

Make your propositions very clear-Every website that is attempting to sell something should be able to explain why what they are offering is especially unique and valuable. This will hold the potential customers’ attention better.

Show the product-showing your ‘after’ work will  dramatically increase your conversation rates. People can actually see that you can do the work you talk about.

Remove all barriers to buying-Include warranties, guarantees, memberships, affiliations, awards and associations. These are all confidence factors that help people decide to do business with you.

Photo Credit: Aleksi Aaltonen