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Creating Your YouTube Strategy

YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google

Learn from me. Do as I say, not as I do. Don’t rush onto YouTube and throw up a channel like I did. Spend some time to figure out exactly what you want that channel to become for your contracting company and how YouTube fits into your overall marketing program.

I say this because doing it right on YouTube is that important. YouTube is now the second most popular search engine behind its parent Google. More than 100 million people visit the site monthly and spending an average 54 minutes. They are greeted with something like 200,000 new video uploads each day! My point is YouTube is where the eyeballs are.

So, to market your contracting company, go where the people are!

First thing you need to do is create and customize your channel. Doing so allows you to showcase all of your videos in one place. Having a channel is your company’s virtual home on YouTube. And setting up a channel is easy, just sign up for an account and upload your first video and you now have a channel.

Now what? What to put on YouTube

I see a lot of contractors pack their YouTube channels with their television commercials. And while that is one way to do it, you will have a better chance of driving new clients or customers into your gravitational pull if you create content specifically for YouTube.

Tag, you’re it!

Tagging is very important on YouTube because that’s the way YouTube knows what your video is about since there are no “words on a page” so to speak for Google to spider. The easiest way to know what tags to use is to steal them. That’s right, I said it. Go find the most popular videos in your service sector on YouTube and see what tags they used and then use them for your videos.

Work for viewers or subscribers

Now that your channel is set up you need to promote it just like you do your blog or website. Put your YouTube channel in your offline advertising and promote it on your business cards too. You can create a series of DIY videos and promote them on Twitter or Facebook. But the best way to build subscribers is by publishing content that people want to see, and then ask for comments on that content. You need to also get out there and subscribe to other channels and social platforms to help build goodwill, which increases overall views and gains you new subscribers.

Photo Credit: Webtreats