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Your Cyber Monday Website Review Offer

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve had a few enjoyable days off with the family devoid of long lines and waiting. In fact, since tomorrow is another popular shopping day, albeit online, we’ve decided to have a “Cyber Monday” promotion ourselves.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about getting a new website or going into 2015 with your existing rig, let me help you with a website review.

1. Website Review-Normally $199, we will review your website for just $99! To learn more about our website reviews, click here.

Now, you can go into 2015 with the same old site or you can get a fully detailed, page-by-page* report that will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your site to convert better.  Think about it…just one more conversion a month could mean the different between chicken or steak.

Think I’m kidding? Let’s do a quick math problem together.

Let’s say your average customer value is $5,000. Low I know, but I want to show you the opportunity you have to really improve your bottom line.

Let’s say we review your site and with the changes you make, you are able to convert just one more person a month who comes to your site into a new client or customer. At the end of next year you’ve added more than $60,000 to your top line revenue by simply investing just $99 in your site today.

That’s it, a fantastic way to improve your website and promote your business online. But hurry, the 50% off promo is over Monday night at midnight. Click the link below to go to our PayPal portal, submit payment, then send me an email at darren  at darrenslaughter.com and tell me what your website URL is.

Click here to get started!

I am looking forward to working on your site! Have a great week!


*$99 charge is for website reviews of up to 15 individual pages, including the homepage. Larger sites additional.