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Does Your Site Suck?

No contractor worth his business license ever went into a job wondering what the outcome would be.  A solid contractor that understands his abilities (and limits) will look at a project, ask questions, inspect as much as they can and then make an estimate on the price and time to complete the job.  This is basic stuff for any contractor.

So why don’t contractors use the same care when designing their websites?

A lot of companies, contractor or otherwise, throw together some pictures, a few comments about the business on an “About us” page, sprinkle some basic contact information and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. The question of “what will this website do for us as a company” is rarely considered.

You are really better off not having a site at all!

A website is a lead generating machine for a contractor, pure and simple.  If people are not calling and asking for estimates based on the information found on the site then the website is failing, period, end of discussion.  A properly designed website can show people examples of past work, answer common questions, give references from previously satisfied clients and so much more.

Think of your site as a salesman working 24 hours a day!

If you have a website and it is not pulling in new leads for you, stop wasting time.  You are losing money.  Change your website today, or better yet, contact a website designer.  They have the knowledge, skill and experience to develop a site that can help you fill your pipeline and help you make more trips to the bank. Then talk to someone who knows SEO, because site designers never take into consideration optimization when they do layouts.

And after all that is done, figure out how you are going to get traffic to your newly designed site, because just putting it up is like putting up a billboard in the forest, sure it’s there, but no one is ever gonna see it!