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Electrical Contractor Websites

When is the last time a new client told you that they looked for you in the Yellow Pages? It’s probably been a while because the internet has become the most popular source of consumer information. When a person is considering a product or service, they research it online. This is true for local services as well. If people in your area look online for an electrical contractor, are they finding you?

Why do I need an electrical contractor website?
Your website is likely to be the first thing that a potential new client sees regarding your businesses. Simply said, if you don’t have a website they aren’t going to see you at all. A professional website is the modern equivalent of a listed phone number. Customers expect you to have one. Not having a website if you are an electrician brands your company as an amateur operation and removes your name from the running for many prospective customers.

Build your customer base.
If not having a website means that you lose customers then having one indicates that you should gain some, right? Your website has the potential to be your most potent marketing tool. People who are looking for a skilled electrician understand that they are likely to have to spend a significant amount of money. Your website can include pictures and testimonials that reassure them that their hard earned cash is well spent with you.

A website gives you an online presence, which is vitally important for the way people research decisions. This can go beyond having a landing page for people to find when they are looking for an electrician. Your electrical contractor website can contain useful information that results in building your reputation, spreading your name, and building customer loyalty before they are in need of your services.

Electrical contractor websites are marketing tools.
When you share articles and tips on your website that are helpful for homeowners, they will visit your website regularly. This enables you to build your brand and be the first company that they think of when they or someone they know needs an electrician.

Through the use of a business blog, you can build a readership that includes current customers and those who might someday need you. By making your website about more than sales, you actually increase its potential to bring in sales. Make your website useful to your target audience and the sales will follow.

Provide 24/7 customer service.
A significant advantage of a professional electrical contractor website is offering your customers some level of customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By providing a FAQ section and an online quote request form, customers can find answers at times that are convenient to them. Many people are more likely to fill out an online form looking for more information than they are to pick up the phone, so offering this option is a great tool for increasing sales leads.

How to maximize your website’s effectiveness.
You may have guessed that there is more to gaining these benefits from an electrical contractor website than quickly filling out a template for a free site. In order to reach customers and optimize the leads and sales generated by your website, it needs to be professionally designed and maintained.

One of the most important objectives for your website is ensuring that it is highly ranked in search engine results. This is referred to as SEO (search engine optimization). In order to have customers find your website, it needs to be listed on the first page of results when they search for terms that are relevant to your business. By skillfully crafting your website content to include the keywords that your customers are likely to search for, your website will rise in the rankings.

Another way to increase your online presence and the ranking of your website is to promote it through social media. With company profiles on networks such as Twitter and Facebook, you gain an additional opportunity to share the information on your website and interact with your customer base. Even better, they can share your posts with their friends. Nothing is more effective than a word of mouth recommendation.

Creating quality content.
The key to attracting customers to your website, through social media posts or SEO, is creating quality content. Tricks to “fool” search engines or falsely increase your SEO will only take your website so far. In the end, it is high-quality information that people are looking for and want to read that will increase the popularity and effectiveness of your electrical contractor website.

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