The #1 Error Contractors Make When Developing Keywords For Their Websites

One of the things that drive me nuts about companies who think they are designing contractor websites is the content they create. Most of it is repurposed stolen from other sites or simply used over and over and over on each new site they do.

But it gets worse!

Keyword usage, otherwise known as a complete lack of imagination, is a lead-killing atrocity that should be left to people who know what they are doing.

You see, contractor websites need to speak specifically to a type of client that is either ready to buy or thinking of buying, so you have to use specific keywords on the site to trigger a search result. Problem is, the guys that build websites for construction companies often times just pack the page with the same primary keyword over and over and over…kind of like the content.

So a page may look like this:

The best kitchen remodeling contractor for your kitchen remodeling project is San Antonio kitchen remodeling contractors who know how to do kitchen remodeling right.

OMFG Who Wants to Read That Crap?

But it get’s worser…I know, I’m just having a little summertime fun!

The real problem may be that Google doesn’t know what you are trying to say. Watch the video for my example then check the pages on your site and see if you or your designer made this mistake.