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Fall Construction Website Review Promo!

This was an offer I made to my newsletter subscribers this week. It is a complete website review for just $99, saving you $100 off of the normal price. If you aren’t on the newsletter, you should check it out by clicking here. It comes out once a week and it is packed with actionable info you can use to improve your game. Anyway, here’s what I sent them:

Hey Ho!

I hope today finds you well and you are having a great week. I know everyone is busy, sometimes too busy to worry about the heavy parts of their businesses; accounting, personnel, marketing. There just never seems to be any extra hours at the end of the week. Maybe that’s impacting the results you’d like to be getting from your website?

I hear all the time how you want more leads, more leads, gotta have more leads. Leads are a product of your website. You need more leads coming in the top of the sales funnel to keep it all going right? But you don’t have the time and now the days are getting shorter and shorter. I get it, seriously.

That’s why I put together annual fall website review to help you figure out two simple things;

  1. What to add to your site improve conversions
  2. What to take away from your site to improve conversions

That’s it. 

I’m running my fall website review for a short time because I get booked up quick.

If you don’t know about the review, here is what you will get

I will review your entire website and tell you exactly what you need to add or take away to improve your lead generation.

You can get a website review anytime, but today is the day I do it for $99.00, saving you $100 off the normal priceThe next time I offer this, the leaves will be coming back on the trees in the spring, long after you’ve needed to make changes to your site for next year.

Click here to get your website review for $99.

You will be taken to PayPal where you can pay for the review. Put your website in the comments section and I will get your review back to you within 5 days.

If you prefer a video website review where I shoot a video of my walkthrough with commentary on each page of your site, you can book that for $199, saving you $100 for this fall review special only. Just click here to go to PayPal and get your video review instead.

Looking forward to reviewing your site!

P.S. This is only running through Sunday of this week or I fill all of my open spots for next week. After that, it goes back to regular pricing. So click here to get your website review for $99.

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