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Go Big or Go Home!

Post cards are a great way to turn passively engaged consumers into buyers by providing them with an irresistible offer right? Of course!

But they need to read it first!

So make your next direct mail piece easier to get read by sending out an over-sized mailer. Instead of the usual 4×6 postcard that gets overlooked, why not shoot for a 6×8 or larger piece?

Sending larger direct mail cards allows you to:

Say more – if you don’t say it, people assume you don’t do it.

Stand out – increase your chances of gaining a new client or customer by being the biggest thing they take out of their mailbox that day.

Big mail gets read – In fact, the bigger the piece, the better your chances are that your mail gets read first.

You can mail cheaper – I normally recommend that contractors send DM pieces First Class mail for regular 4×6 sized cards. It is a confidence factor that speaks volumes about your organization when the prospect is deciding on what to do with your piece. But bigger direct mail cards can’t go out regular First Class, but you can still send them cheaper since the implied perception is that they cost more (and they do) because they are bigger. Which means the information is more valuable to the reader. Remember, it is all psychological. So, the next time you do a mail drop; make sure you go big to get a better responses!