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GoDaddy GoCentral “Website in Under an Hour” Rant

If you are looking for a review of GoDaddy’s GoCentral website design tool, this ain’t it. Instead, what you are going to get is the honest truth about website design from a guy who has (with his team) built more websites than he can remember, and one thing is for sure…you can’t build a website that actually works…in under an hour.

It should take you an hour to write your about us page.

It should take you a few hours to pick your best pictures for your gallery.

It should take you many, many hours to write compelling content that is going to convert.

It should take many hours to decide on or design the right logo.

I can’t tell you how many times Bob and I have played around with a single, 3 pixel-wide accent line on a site design to make sure it was perfect. Obsessive? You’re friggin’ right. That’s what it takes. Not just an hour to do the entire friggin’ thing.

Your website is your online showroom. It is where your prospects decide to do business with you (or not). Our websites take 4-6 weeks to create, not because we want them to, but because we do something, then we step back and look at it and see how it looks, how it works across the entire site, how it helps do the job you are hiring your website to do, convert visitors into clients or customers.


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