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How Google+ Helps Contractors With SEO

Google+ for contractors

So, anyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of off-page SEO, I think it is a flawed strategy where it concerns actual business people like contractors trying to create BUSINESSES, not just jobs. Without going on another rant or going into my reasons why, which are many, the one that should hit home to you is this;

You could take all the precautions in the world, employ and deploy all the white-hat optimization you can afford, then one day, Google decides they are going to change the algo and all that work is gone in a puff of smoke,  your site is as good as kindling while you are left to figure out why.

Instead, we prefer to depend and offer social media and blogging as a resource for both our business and our clients. But I know there are those of you out there who have become addicted to the free traffic organic search provides, so I am here to help.

I am going to do that in a round-about, sarcastic way you have all come to know and love here at Darren’s. So, onto the good stuff.

You know we provide social media management, and one of the platforms, or outposts, we manage is Google+. If you don’t know about Google+, that’s ok, I get it, it’s all you can do to stay in the know on the stuff that actually makes you money. Let’s just say, in short, that Google+ is a social media platform like Facebook.

Now, and here is where the sarcasm comes in. Google says Google+ doesn’t affect SEO. But that’s not entirely true, and why I HATE GOOGLE.

If Mrs. Jones is following you on Google+, and she is logged into her Google account, you know, for like, email, and then she goes and does a search for what you do, your site is more likely to appear in her search results.

Now, I guess you could say, yeah, Google+ doesn’t affect SEO. What is does do is BYPASS it all together!

Let’s recap

Someone who spent a ass-load of money on linking and optimizing and blah blah blah just got beat because Mrs. Jones follows your Google+ page. See why SEO is bullshit and why counting on organic results as a business plan is flawed?

Point is…

If you don’t have your Google+ business page setup yet, you should get started. You can click here to get more info.