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Happy Labor Day…But Does Your Website Deserve It?



You may hire subs, you may hire direct employees, you may hire bookkeepers and accountants and marketing people. You may hire all of them and the one thing they all have in common is a job description…what did you hire them for?

Well…what did you hire your website for?

If you hired your website to be brochureware, that is to say, a way for someone who ALREADY knows you exist to find your phone number or email online, then you have achieved your goal. If you hired your website to bring you in new leads to close, it’s time to ask this question?

How did your site do this summer?

 If your site sat on its fat ass while you worked yours off…then something is wrong. If your site didn’t pull its weight, something is wrong. Would you let the new gopher you hired get away with 3 sugars when you asked for 4? Hell no! So why are you letting your site get off without selling anything for you?

It’s time…

It’s time to start taking stock of how things have worked so far this year. If you made changes to your site this year, it’s time to evaluate those changes and find out if they are working. Just like all new hires, your website has a probationary period as well. At some point, it is going to have to start pulling its own weight.


Because your website sees more eyeballs than any other marketing or advertising initiative you can do. Thats right, even if you suck at SEO, more people are crashing into your site by accident than are seeing your direct mail on purpose.

So if your site has gotten soft around the middle while you worked on your farmer’s tan, here’s an offer from me…

My website review is normally $199…But I am going to do 5 and only 5 for just $99.

If your site isn’t pulling its weight, I will be happy to tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it..for just $99. If you want to be one of the 5, click the link. I will email you for the domain name you want reviewed.

Have a happy Labor Day! Click here for website review for just $99