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Hope Shouldn’t Be Your Marketing Strategy!

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Many business leaders and successful people have adopted a common phrase, “Hope is not a strategy”, well no shit! However, many construction contractors are still relying on nothing but hope, prayer and a little luck with their construction marketing strategy.  They are hoping that their latest radio ad or television spot will pull in some new leads.  Or they hope that the 1,000 postcards mailed out last week will produce a response.  Don’t fall victim to this type of mentality.

Instead of relying on hope, develop your strategy

Think of a marketing plan as a new building.  You have to first test and prepare the site.  Then you build a strong, stable foundation.  Next comes the framework and roof of the building.  Finally, the interior is completed.

In marketing for contractors, the testing and preparing phase is finding out which services people are looking for.  Then you need to build a foundation of communicating with customers across multiple platforms.  A website, blog posts, Facebook account, YouTube videos, Flickr photos and Twitter messages are some examples of different ways to reaching prospective clients.

After making the initial contact the work doesn’t stop. You have to continually stay in touch with people.  Sending out alerts about new promotions, or helpful tips, or even a quick question about how to improve service are different ways to keep in touch with people and stay in their mind until the day comes that they either need your services directly, or can recommend you to someone else.

In the end, just as it takes time to build a new office or home, it takes time for your marketing efforts to pay off.  Consistent and prompt communication, focused on a particular segment, will yield better results than simple “hope.”

Photo Credit:  Anil Jadhav