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How Social Media Turned Into Real Dollars for Home Depot

From One Email Home Depot Will Make About $300 This Weekend!

This post is about how any company, large or small, can have a huge impact on their bottom line through social media. And I am your human guinea pig. A few days ago I wrote a post where I talked about Home Depot’s strategy of providing home owners with DIY workshops and classes to get people into the store.

Guess what happened?

Out of the blue, I get an email yesterday from Home Depot. And not just anyone, but someone pretty important inside the organization. Now, I am not going to give her name, but let’s just say she has a huge impact on Home Depot’s brand online.

So what you ask?

Well, some of you may feel that way, but to me, that she sought me out and sent me a personal note on MY little crappy blog was a very nice touch. And it is exactly what I have preached to all of you. Protect your brand, grow your business, but most of all interact with people. It’s not just a nice thing to do, but it could bring you a new client or customer.

And just to show you I put my money where my mouth is, I will be driving right past that other home improvement store this weekend and heading to my local Home Depot.  And that is how Home Depot will turn social media into real dollars later this week.


Because you should always do right by those that do right by you. And this “pay it forward” philosophy happens all the time online, which has the potential to translate into real dollars in your company’s coffers! And finally, this goes out to Ms. Home Depot – if you are reading this, the link you sent me was dead, so send it to me again!

Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker