How To Make Sure The Content on Your Site Gets Read

If I had a dollar each time a contractor said to me that they have great content, and all it was was 1,000 words about how great THEY were, I…I would still do this video. If you want to know the secret to getting your content read, keep reading!

OK, so take a page on your current site. Now dig into it and strip away 1/2 the words. Go ahead, it will be easy. The next part will be hard. Now really do some soul searching and cut 50% of what is left. Now you have your content for your page.

Now take the most compelling part of that page and put it inside the first 50 words. It may take a bit of re-writing, but it will be worth it.

NOW you have a solid page. Do this on the rest of your site and you are golden. If you don’t have the time, maybe a website review would be better for you. Check out the details by clicking here.