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How to Optimize Your Construction Company Website


Having a website for your construction company is no longer an option. When your prospective customers are considering building or renovating, they are looking online, so you had better be there. Not only must you be present, but you must be presented well. The basic landing page of a decade ago is not going to impress modern shoppers who need look no further than your competition for a more impressive website.

What are they looking for and how do you give it to them? The answer will lead to a website that attracts visitors and brings in business.

Here are your must have contractor website elements:


As a contractor, you can put your best work directly in front of anyone who is considering hiring you. Take advantage of that and create a stunning gallery on your website. Use a high quality camera and pay attention to lighting to obtain magazine quality images. This is your time to shine. Display photos that make visitors to your website say, “THAT is what I want in my home!” It is a good idea to have your company name or website address embedded in each image. When people share your image with friends or through social media, they won’t have to remember where they found it.


Nothing drives more traffic to a small business website like a blog. Like your website, simply having one won’t do the trick. You need to offer something in your blog that customers want or need. Consider scheduling blog articles with seasonal homeowner tips, decorating ideas, or your participation in local events. This is also a great place to feature specials and web exclusive discounts. You will also need to market your blog by mentioning it on social media, in email newsletters, and on your printed materials.


The look and feel of your website should cause existing customers to immediately recognize it as yours. The color scheme, logo, and tagline that you use on your business cards, signage, and marketing materials should be the basis of your website design for a professional, cohesive impression of your company. Evidence of a reputable brand builds loyalty and attracts new customers.


Make is simple for people with questions to ask you for help. Your contact form should not only be for people requesting a quote. That could intimidate people who have a basic inquiry. Instead, title your contact form something like “How Can We Help You?” This is more open-ended and encourages communication, even if a potential client isn’t ready to ask for an estimate.


Social media buttons should be prominent on each page of your website. Not only does this demonstrate that you are modern and connected, it makes it easy for people to share your website with their friends. Your gallery pictures, which have your name embedded in them, should be pinnable to Pinterest or available for posting to Instagram. Each blog entry needs share buttons at the top and bottom to encourage visitors to spread the word. Think of each social media share that you get as a valuable word of mouth recommendation.


Each element of your website should establish your expertise as a construction contractor. Your gallery is an important part of this. You should also list awards received, licenses held, and testimonials. This “Why Choose Us” page is basically your online resume and is your chance to demonstrate to prospective clients how your company offers them more than the competition.

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