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Is Your Website Giving Away This Valuable Advertising Space?

I would guess that out of every 10 websites I review, 9 of them would receive a failing grade when it comes to their meta description. If you don’t know what the meta description is, it is that 160 character space of content you see in the results pages of searches you do.

Here’s mine:

contractor websites by darren slaughter

Now, this particular piece of real estate is pretty valuable. It is a 160 character advertisement that needs to be used to entice your readers to click. Google also uses this as the default snippet to use for results pages.

Also notice how I leave off the last sentence. This is meant for you to click-through to get the answer…which takes you to my website design sales page. Exactly where I want you to be!

If yours is weak, or worse, you don’t have one, you are giving away an awesome prime real estate where you can advertise for free and no one can out-bid you. It is YOUR space, use it wisely!