Like My Ad?

Even the marketing guy has to advertise. I am launching a PPC campaign on the Google Display Network in order to drive more traffic to my contractor website design page.

The funny thing about the process was seeing all the DIY sites that I could have put my ad…where yours should be.

Sites like DIYForums and DIY or Not accept Display Ads from Google and other contractors like you, that you can buy for dirt cheap.

Think about it…

A guy like me who has no idea how to hang a nail goes onto a DIY site to find out how to fix something.

As the frustration level rises…I get fed up and decide to click on an ad I see talking about my specific problem. Just that quickly, for about a dime, some contractor just got a lead.

Pretty good ROI right?



12 responses to “Like My Ad?”

  1. Hi Darren.

    Nice ad. So I actually disagree with you on this one. Here’s why. Advertising dollars are tight these days and I think for the very low conversion rate you are likely going to get from DIY website ads, your PPC dollar is way better spent making sure you are sitting in the number one place when someone types “your area house painter” into Google. They are already past the point of thinking they can do a job themselves and your phone is going to ring more often.

    • Hey Heidi,

      Good points, but here is where I disagree. If you put your painting company on a site like DIY or not, you have people who are deciding on what to do. AND THEY ARE AT LEAST SHOPPERS. Secondly, there is no cost for the impression, so you get a free impression on a site with a targeted audience, and the click costs a nickle…how do you NOT do it? 🙂

      • Hi Darren,

        I think it depends also on knowing your customer as well as managing your time. I personally find the DIY’er to be the toughest to turn into a sale. I would rather my phone ring with customers that are not still questioning the option of doing it themselves. As Nick mentioned if the ROI makes sense then its a go.

        Thanks for a good topic.

  2. “A guy like me who has no idea how to hang a nail goes onto a DIY site to find out how to fix something.” It is absolutely fine. You don’t need to.
    Personally i started hardwood flooring business about 13 years ago.
    I never worked single day on HW flooring before and never seen how it installed and finished.
    I even never seen how real finished HW should looks like , except on pictures and TV.
    I come from remote area in Eastern Europe nobody have HW Floors over there , the cheap rent i get in USA did not HW floors either. I had very limited English. In a couple years we started to do high end houses , one of the kind artistic floors and etc. The same thing happened with cabinets . Now we do high end furniture quality cabinets Nation wide .
    We make cabinets out of birds eye maple , ebony, figured bubinga and etc.
    All the above does not mean I am very smart person , it means we lived in information era.
    Even person with limited English can get necessary info , learn it and develop if needed.
    People learn how to make nuclear submarines , computers and eye surgery , here is how to put together a few pieces of wood . Of coarse it require time and affords , but it is everything like that. The problem is a lot of people do the same thing for decades and do not want to spend afford to learn something new. Learning woodwork , i mean to the top end professional point it is not harder than to learn computer . After a few years of study and research you can be better than many contractors who do it for decades.
    The other thing if you know who to promote this on the Web and of coarse you do , this information may be in very high demand because a lot of people need it .
    Thank you for reading.

    • Victor, I appreciate the kind words, but you would throw me off the job site before lunch! Thank you though for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I like the add, great headline. Being in business as long as I have there’s a market out there getting leads from DIY but like anything else if the ROI is worth it as Nike says…just do it!

    • I have been playing with it a bit. I have a couple of people using it, but I always like to control the cpc.