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Why a Little Bird is About to Destroy Your Search Results


Fall is upon us!

I don’t know about you, but from where I sit the signs of change are all around me, not just outside my window where brightly colored leaves falling gently to the ground distract me from writing this message to you, but online where I work everyday making the world a safer place for contractors through marketing, website design and social media.

And there are more changes coming…fast!

If your site has been dependent on organic traffic through keyword optimization, you are about to be dead. You will start seeing diminishing returns from your site if you haven’t already. Traffic is going to slowly dry up as Google moves to a “semantic” approach to search results.

Darren, what the hell is that?

Google is going to get back to doing what it started out doing…answering the user’s question.

“What is the best way to fix my water heater”

“How can I get another year out of my air conditioner”

“What is the best color to paint my home’s exterior”

That means, if you ranked for “Philadelphia plumber”, your days are numbered!

That’s why some website builders have to keep changing their sites year after year, because they try to game the system and all it does is cost you your good name. They don’t care, there’s another one just like you around the corner.

Here at Darren’s, we have baked semantic terminology into our sites for years because I knew this was coming, so why should we build 100 sites a year that were wrong? We figured we would just build right for the time and also for what was coming…and now it is here.

If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, the update is called “Hummingbird.” It was deployed a few weeks ago by Google and it is probably the reason your site traffic has tanked recently.

If that is the case, your site suffers from bad content, bad page layout and an over-use of keywords, or keyword stuffing. You know what keyword stuffing looks like right? If not, here are a few examples:

1. 60 pages on a site that say the same thing but with different location keywords in the content.

2. Pages that are over-optimized. You know, it goes like this: “Philadelphia painters are great at painting Philadelphia interior painting projects because Philadelphia painters are great at painting Philadelphia homes.” That’s bullshit copy-writing!

3. If your footer is jammed with areas you serve, that’s a problem.

None of these things are going to work anymore. Not that they worked in the past, but now you are really going to feel the pinch as your site drops further down on the results pages.

So what do you do?

Well, it’s time for an audit. Remember I talked about fall and changes at the beginning of this letter? Well, it is time to make some changes on your site, starting with content.

But Darren, I have no idea what I am doing!

I get it, I do, I can’t hang a nail. So, I am going to help. I will review the content on your site and suggest changes you can make to help not only improve your ranking in the search engines, but help your site convert the traffic it is already getting into leads.

So, how much does it cost?

To review your content on your site and give you a full report on changes I would make if I owned the site is only $19! That’s a steal.

What do you get?

I will read each page of your site and offer you valuable ideas and suggestions on changes you can make to help convert more readers into leads and gain rank in the search engines, and it is just $19.

Wanna get started?

Click the PayPal link below to sign up now. Send me an email at darren@darrenslaughter.com and tell me your site. I will have your review back to you in a few days. You will then be armed to the teeth to make those changes you need to get your site working better for you!

Click here to have me review your content for just $19!

I hope you take me up on my offer. It really will be the best $19 you spend this week!