Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Stink

Does Your Website Stink?

Years ago, the internet was a lot like the introduction of the television from the early 50’s.  The people who had a television were seen as slightly more affluent, popular, and attracted attention.  Now people can get access to TV programming on their cell phones, so the novelty has worn off long ago.  The same can be said about the internet.  The novelty has worn off and people are accustomed to it now.

If you want to use the internet for part of your advertising plan, you have to be unique

In today’s climate, having a website is pretty standard fare.  But websites for contractors need to do more than simply list your company name and hours.  It needs to engage visitors with video and audio as well as contextually.  People use the internet for basically two reasons:  (1) information and (2) purchases and ideally, you want your website to do both.

In order to get people to buy something a website needs to have relevant and useful information.  Think in terms of “Top 10 items that need to be maintained in the home” or “How to keep your Air Conditioner operating efficiently for years.”  Topics like this attract readers looking for information.  It allows your site to project an air of expertise and helps build your street cred online.  This will boost your marketing efforts because people will begin to spread the word of their new-found source for information.  And keeping a fresh supply of this type of information on your site will keep the referrals coming in as well.

So, if your site isn’t as user-friendly as it should be, then get to work. Below are a few sites that I think are killing it online, both through their websites and their use of social media. I am sure their hard work is translating into new business for all of them!

Construction: Riggins Construction

Painting: Warline Painting, LTD.

Flooring: Floor Elf

Remodeling: Lone Star Remodeling, AK Complete Home Renovations

Builders: Devol Builders

Landscaping: The Grounds Guys

HVAC: Coleman Heating