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Make Your Slogan Mean Something!

Make Your Slogan a Part of Your Company

I have previously written a post on the importance of not only having a logo but a slogan or tagline as well for your contracting company. One that isn’t just fluffy bullshit, but one that actually means something to you and your company.

I bring this up because I was recently asked by a client what mine meant;

Helping Contractors Sell More, Advertise Better & Market to Buyers!

Seems pretty clear to me, but if one person was confused, then that means there are probably more of you. So, I thought I would go through the exercise that led me to craft such a long and laborious tag line. It took me about a week to come up with the exact wording because I was continually trying to shorten it. What you see above was the final product, and every word means something to me, and yours should too!

So let’s break it down together…Ready?

Helping contractors sell more –

This one has no hidden meanings or connotations. Through 20 plus years of selling, I know a thing or two about the art. And if you don’t think selling is an art, then you aren’t good at it. Knowing how to sell helps you sell more!

Advertise Better –

This one is a little more complicated. Anyone can throw darts at a board, and in the famous words of Gordon Gekko, I don’t throw darts at a board sport! What I mean is, having worked with so many contractors, I have been exposed to 100 things that work, and 100 things that don’t. Now, marketing campaigns are like snowflakes in that each one is different, but after working with 20 roofers or 10 plumbers or 15 electricians, I have a pretty good idea what works across and industry, hence advertise better.

Market to Buyers –

This one has a special meaning, “Market to Buyers”. Having worked primarily with companies and contractors that need to make $2 dollars for every $1 dollar spent on advertising, I don’t market to passively or disengaged consumers. That means a limited diet of newspapers, television and radio, a good dose of specially targeted direct mail and Yellow Pages, and pigging out on dotcom products. That’s how you target to buyers.


Because people who are ready to buy use the YP. People that are ready to buy are looking for special offers or coupons in their direct mail, and they use the web and Google Adwords, Yahoo Ad Network and MSN AdCenter everyday to hire contractors….hence the market to buyers.

So as you see, my slogan may be long, but it means something to me. Make yours mean something to you, and more importantly, your team and your customers!