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Motivational Monday Courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuk

I don’t normally just drop someone else’s video into my blog and count it as content, but if you need a bit of a life today getting motivated in your business, this should do it. If you don’t know who this cat is, he wrote a book a while back called “Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion(aff link)” and his latest is called “The Thank You Economy(aff link)”. Both great reads from a kid from North Jersey who took a little wine store and turned it into a $60 million dollar business from one thing…hustle! So as Jay-Z says, you can’t knock the hustle, enjoy the video and leave a comment. WARNING: The language is a bit raw!

2 responses to “Motivational Monday Courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuk”

  1. Tess Wittler Avatar
    Tess Wittler

    Sometimes you need the guru to tell you how it is. This is why I enjoy your blog so much, Darren. Not only do you say it like it is … but you also, from time to time, post these videos/words of wisdom from others who don’t hold back any punches. I esp. appreciated his “My strength is …” rant. He knows exactly who he is and what he is good at. All entrepreneurs should be able to rant about their strengths and never lose a step. I am betting on “community” too. Thanks for the post!

    1. Darren Avatar

      You are always welcome Tess and thank you for stopping by and taking the time out of your crazy-assed busy day and commenting here!