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My People Ruined Your Site!

If you have packed your site with keywords to the point where it is unintelligible to humans then you have fallen prey to what they people in my industry think is proper site design and usability…it’s not, and your business is suffering for it.

3 responses to “My People Ruined Your Site!”

  1. Nick Avatar

    Was just the opposite when allot of us contractors did that to our sites. Until I had duplicate content with lots of counties on my site my i had no calls. Once we implemented duplicate content with lots of city’s county’s etc we got 3 times the amount of calls or leads through website.

    Now we are being told by webmaster a SEO experts its wrong to have all that duplicate content cause google doesn’t like it. SEO is like a women a complete mystery and every guy says there the expert. I still have that type of footer on my site and duplicate content because I’m Leary of taking it down.

  2. Mark Viny Avatar
    Mark Viny

    Thanks for the great info and advice. I will be in touch next week for your services.
    Have a good day!

    Mark Viny
    Apollo Builders

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Mark! Looking forward to hearing from you!