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How The Philadelphia Eagles Can Help Your Contact Page


My hometown Philadelphia Eagles are playing a national game tonight. We are playing the Kansas City Chiefs and our old coach Andy Reid is coming to town so we are pretty amped up here in Philly. I hope we beat the snot out of KC and win big.

Our new coach, Chip Kelly has sparked a lot of conversion with his high-powered offense and it should be a great game, even if you don’t really care about football.

But my love of football is your win!

Since the Eagles play tonight, I have some free time this weekend. That may matter to you, or it may not, it depends.

You see, I have done a number of website reviews lately and noticed that the contact page of many sites is really hurting the site’s ability to convert the reader into a lead.

So, with my free time this weekend I thought I would offer a FREE contact page evaluation to the first 25 people who respond.

Email me your website to darren@darrenslaughter.com if you want in. Just put “Go Birds” in the subject field. I will get it back to you by the end of next week.

So…Go Birds get’s you a good look at your contact page. Sounds fair to me!

2 responses to “How The Philadelphia Eagles Can Help Your Contact Page”

  1. Bob Benhardt Avatar
    Bob Benhardt

    Should be a good game tonight!

    1. Darren Avatar

      Having just finished…not so much, but you can’t win them all! Thanks for stopping by Bob and commenting!