So I get this email from a reader the other day, guy named Theo. Theo runs a painting company in Canada called Different Strokes Painting, cool name by the way Theo!

Theo wrote to tell me to he appreciated my work and that he was getting a lot out of the content and videos and that one day soon he wanted to have me work on his website.

Then I read this…

“This morning before I left for work I read about “The Law of 25“….and let me tell you…I am definitely going to start making sure that I have at the very least 25 customer interactions a day!  And I’m going to make sure to “brush up” on my follow-up & through methods as well!  I’m quite excited with implementing something new that will increase the number of potential customers for my business!”

And I was amazed at how simple it is…

The Law of 25 was one of my more popular posts, in it; I simply talk about making 25 contacts a day with prospects…every day, without fail.

And the brushing up on follow-up and follow through is a mantra I preach around here all the time. But seeing those two things together really made it clear to me just how easy business really can be!

Reach out and touch people, then follow-up with them when they tell you. Simple right?


We always find ways to get out of the hard part of the job, finding new prospects. So today I want to ask you, how do you stay motivated (besides the obvious I need a check answer) to get the clients or customers you need to make a living?

What system or process or ritual do you use to make sure you keep the pipeline filled with fresh prospects?

This is the time to help out your fellow contractor. If you get any value out of this site, it’s time to give back a little and let’s get a decent number of responses below!