Friday 24th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Many contractors work on the assumption that the low-cost provider always wins. That isn’t true…at all. What Mrs. Jones is considering is value. Value is what determines the win/loss game.

If you present value to your prospect instead of just a low price, you have got the receipt for success the rest of this season.

How to present value if you are a low cost provider?

Stack, stack stack!

By stacking your proposal with upgrades and add-ons instead of lowering your price, you get to maintain your margin by giving away items or services that have a high perceived value but really don’t cost all that much.

One thing that is easy to use to add value is your own warranty. If you have heard me once, I have said it a thousand times. Use a super-strong warranty that is much better than your local competitors provide and you have the makings of a stacked offer with a solid differentiator.


2 thoughts on “Stack The Deck Before You Drop Your Price

  1. Great advice Darren. That is often what we do with. Professional colour consultation is one of our stacking items. Works all the time.

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