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Struggling With Conversions on Your Website? Click Here Still King

Contractors know one thing, nothing changes more than change itself. Customer’s minds, budgets and weather to name a few. But when it comes to the web, well, that changes all the time too. While the web changes all the time, there are some things that still perform since the day they were invented. Sure our Internet has gotten faster and displays have gotten smaller, or bigger depending on how you view the web, but one thing hasn’t changed since the early days, and that is the term you use when you want someone to click on a link.

Sometimes we are too smart for our own good, and we have to remember the basics. The one thing that still gets the highest number of click through’s is the term “click here”. Nothing else gets even close to the percentage of click through’s then the old standby term we all know and love from the early days of the inter webs.

In other words, instead of getting cute and trying to put keywords in links, you want to just use actionable text like “click”. Click here, Click now, Click to continue. All will AT LEAST double your click-through ratio because people are, well, sheep and need to be told what to do on the web. If we don’t tell them what to do next, they eventually figure it out on their own, except they hit the back button and leave your site!

So don’t let them go just yet. Not without filling out your form, joining your newsletter or emailing you. Give them something they can use, tell them what to do and make more money. That is the reason you have a website right? To help you close more business?

4 responses to “Struggling With Conversions on Your Website? Click Here Still King”

  1. Carmen Rane Hudson Avatar
    Carmen Rane Hudson

    This was a nice reminder that sometimes it’s best to keep it simple! I sometimes have beat myself up in the past for not being any more creative than, “Click here,” but learning it outperforms anything else tells me to quit overthinking things.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Yeah, always keeping it simple here. 🙂

  2. dave Avatar

    Has your inbound marketing site with videos and blogs imbedded, helped you generate quality leads ?,

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thats the only marketing I really do…so yep!