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  • More Proof Facebook Fan Pages Are Useless?

    I am becoming more and more skeptical over the use of Facebook fan pages for contractors. Not only will most people never return to your fan page after maybe liking it the first time, but they forget you even existed the second they hit the like button. Watch the video for more proof Facebook is…

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  • Warning: Facebook is Stealing Your Customers!

    I know I have been on a couple of rants lately; Angie’s List, Service Magic’s high-jacking free listings and selling you your own leads, and Facebook. Ah Facebook…. While most of my rants were aimed at companies that I think are doing it wrong for construction marketing, my problem with Facebook hasn’t been Facebook, it’s been…

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  • Why Promote Your Facebook Fan Page Offline?

    Just wondering why anyone would promote their Facebook fan page in print advertising. If you can give me a good reason to send people to a site that you don’t own or control versus a targeted landing page on your own site, I will buy you your next coffee! And I will let the other…

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