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The 3 Laws For a Great Contractor Website!

According to a recent study by the BBB, a prospect’s highest level of confidence is on your site.

Your Site!

Not yelp, not Google, not even your profile page on the BBB website.

That speaks volumes.

That means that people are deciding to trust you simply by the way your website looks, tastes and feels.

Looks: Your site has to “look” like what people are expecting. If it’s been a few years or you thought it would be cool to make your site’s navigation only appear at the bottom of the page, you are providing a terrible user experience with your contractor website.

Tastes: Along the same lines as looks, your site has to appeal to your readers “tastes”. It has to be functional and designed properly, but you must have the same level of taste as your reader.

Wikipedia defines taste as:

Taste as an aesthetic, sociological, economic and anthropological concept refers to a cultural patterns of choice and preference.

Your site needs to have that…

Feel: Feel comes in two flavors on most contractor websites. One kind of feels like when you walk into Home Depot for the first time and you have no idea where to go. You feel around until you find what you want, or you leave in frustration.

A good “Feel” on a site gives readers logical choices when it comes to layout and navigation. By doing this, you move readers through an invisible but ever-present sales funnel eventually ending at the contact page or calling you.

So, while I talk to plenty of guys and girls who say, “I build houses for a living, I can certainly build my own website” I say this…I can build my own house too, but I wouldn’t want to live in it.

Point is, ask yourself this…Sure you can build it, would you buy from your site today? I bet you say yes, you signed off on it. But then dig down a bit deeper. How many of your readers are buying from you? That’s your real answer.

If you need help getting your site to deliver on the promise of new leads, let’s talk!