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The Science Behind The New Look

I have always tried to put an emphasis on simple, easy to read design, and I have tried to make sure there is a never-ending process and development roadmap for the site. So, it only seems logical that we do a full-blown teardown here at Darren’s House of Useless Knowledge.

But my redesign is particularly noteworthy because of the way we are starting to use the web.

The new design relies on easy-to-view layout and a high degree of use of bold fonts and types. I think the new look a look that readers can use to navigate through the 500 plus posts and 30 plus pages on the site.

And it isn’t just the pretty parts either…

The entire site is built on a WordPress frame and solid SEO-ready theme. The structure of each page and post on the site is created to give an ink on paper feel for the web.

As a designer, each layout starts with the same type of challenge, how to structure a page in a way that is interesting to the reader and also moves them through the sales process.

I saw a conversation over on contractor talk where a guy was getting ripped a little because his site was simple or “boring”. But what many contractors need to know when it comes to site design is that simplicity is one of the most functional aspects of web design, and site navigation is the art of web design while structure is the science.