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The Way We Read – Or Use Video Instead

A lot of times I will consult with contractors not so much on the content of their site, but on the layout. You see, if you lined up four people to read this post, they could read it four different ways.

Some people prefer:

Bolded Text

Some prefer:

Italicized Text

Some Prefer to read:

Headlines and Sub-Headlines

While others like to read:

1. Bulleted
2. or
3. Numbered
4. Lists

But there is also a 5th category

And this category is catching on much faster as the way we consume content on the web changes. These people prefer to consumer all of their online experience through video.

If you don’t have a video solution on your site, you can check out how I use video here on the site, or how I use my channel on YouTube.

Content creation

And for you the contractor, content should be easy to come up with. Before and after videos or DIY tips and suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg to getting started with video.

If your product or service is a bit different, you can showcase what makes you different better with video than a contextual format.

What you need to get started

Camera – most phones come with a camera built-in. If not, stop on over to Target or Wal-Mart and grab a Kodak Z-series video recorder. These great little cameras have stabilization capabilities perfect for the job site.


A video account – Since you can just plug the camera right into your computer or upload directly from your phone, the only other thing you will need is an account on YouTube. This is where you will warehouse your videos.

Now install the code you get from each YouTube video onto a page of your site, add some content that is keyword rich in both job description and area, and you now have a great sub-page to your site that can start ranking locally to grab new business in the coming months.